Flake / Nestlé - In collaboration with Marti Guixe

How do you take consumers on a delightful journey inside the luxurious world of high end chocolate?

It all starts with defining what makes chocolate so special: the mystery behind this unique flavour and the richness of its aromas. The main focus was to direct consumers towards chocolate's essential components. The packaging design will definitely take you on an emotional tour. The camera lens opening like box invites consumers to curiosity and to explore all their senses.
It offers something precious like a jewel at first sight. It feels and looks like an amazing discovery, a treasure yet to be found.
Inside, it is filled with chocolate's essential ingredient: authentic cacao seeds. The rich characteristics of its fragrance come out to transport you on this intense adventure.
Underneath the seeds, features each packaging figures shaped like the cross section of a diamond. Inside, lusciously sweet chocolates waits to be lingered on the palate.

Another packaging is also available for Valentine's' day. It offers two kinds of chocolate.

Lovers will enjoy celebrating this special moment by sharing chocolates linked with a golden ring.