Slide / Nespresso - In collaboration with BARBER & OSGERBY

Today, Nespresso offers quite a distinctive and full selection of 34 different flavours of coffee capsules? How do consumers make their choice?

In order to come up with a design for a capsule dispenser, I thought of the various functions this device must have when a movement is created.
Therefore, my first priority was to imagine an elegant yet simple gesture.
I created a sliding lid designed for a delicate and pure push. With a slight inward motion, the consumer turns the lid. A circular opening appears and offers a first capsule.

By continuing this motion 2 other parts become visible. Capsules pass from becoming visible to invisible creating a colourful effect which triggers consumer’s eye and decision.
Finally, the motion stops when it reaches the brand’s logo. The design helps consumers to associate more with the company’s name.
The circular shape of the box reminds us of the iconic and generous shape of Nespresso.